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You found my page. I know you want to read everything inside here soooo...

_ [ Click Here ] to add me

_ Comment here, so I know you added +++

Don't Bother addin me if:

_ You don't comment

_ You never update
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Instead of having them all posted twice in different places if you want to read them go to http://mommyxkx.blogspot.com  

my blog of all things mommy, baby, family related :) 

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I deicided I'd make a forum for all my icons, banners and such that I make.  I also added a request area.  So, if you want me to make you an icon head over there :) 

 orrr Leave me some pictures here and when  I'm bored I'll make some icons :D
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So, I don't know how many of you are into scrapbooking?! but! I came across an awesome site that you can do it all online, www.scrapblog.com.  Go make one for yourself! or two, three?! :D It's fun

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Clearing out the older icons...
+ Nikki Sixx
+ House of 1000 Corpses
+ Kat Von D
+ Bewitched
+ Etc...

Some might not be work safe.

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Baby Icons!

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Made icons.
Beware of boobies!

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